I have not received an expected email from you

I have not received an expected email from you

If you are expecting an email from us – for example a confirmation email or e-tickets – and you have not received it, here is what to do:
  1. If this is a scheduled update email and you have not already done so, please check here that it has been sent.
  2. If the email has been sent, check that you are looking in the inbox for the email account used when booking (if you are not sure, search in your email for 'SIX Tickets at Hampton Court Palace' – the email address which received the booking confirmation is the one you want)
  3. Check the junk mailbox for this email address
  4. If your email provider creates a folder called All Mail (e.g.Gmail), check there
  5. If your email provider creates a folder called Other (e.g. Hotmail, Live.co.uk, Outlook), check there
  6. If after completing these steps you still cannot locate the email you are expecting, please email us at help@six-tickets.com 

Special Note for Users of Hotmail, Outlook.com and Live.co.uk Email Address
Delivery to these addresses fails in a very high proportion of cases even when we re-send personally.  Whilst some deliveries go to one of the above mailboxes, some simply never arrive.  If you are a user of one of these accounts and the above steps are not successful, we recommend you identify another email account (not one of these three types) at which you can receive the tickets.  Only if you email us from the Hotmail, Outlook.com or Live.co.uk email address associated with the booking authorising us to send to the other account then we can verify the request comes from the original booker and send to the alternative account.  Sometimes this is the only solution and it will save you time if you do this when contacting us.

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