Performance Conditions

Performance Conditions


These are the Performance Conditions in force at the date of this publication.

The General Term and Conditions of Sale and the General Attendance Conditions are subject to these Performance Conditions. 

All ticket purchasers and attenders at a performance using tickets purchased on this site agree that specific terms and conditions may apply to any combination of specific purchases or performances in response to various circumstances including any public health circumstances.  By their nature, these conditions may be announced or amended at any time before or after a relevant purchase.  

The currently announced Performance Conditions are:


  1. Barbecues are not permitted anywhere within the Palace Grounds
  2. No hampers, large items or bags are permitted within the concert auditorium
  3. A complimentary ‘left-picnic’ facility will be available within the Palace Gardens while you enjoy the concert
  4. No smoking, vaping, drinking or eating is permitted inside the Palace including the courtyards and the concert auditorium
  5. No audio-visual equipment or umbrellas are permitted to be used once inside the Palace, including the courtyards and the concert auditorium


There are currently no specific public health requirements set for admission to this event and no special flexibility for ticket purchases, which are not flexible and not refundable.  

If you are a purchaser or attender for this event we recommend you bookmark this page and visit again when planning your attendance.


The performance is recommended for ages 10 and above.  All ages are admitted but please note that:
  1. A ticket must be purchased and allocated exclusively for each attender regardless of age;
  2. It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to establish its suitability for attenders to whom they allocate tickets purchased and any failure to do so before or after purchase shall not create a right to a refund.  By accompanying a child below the recommended age to a performance, an adult attender declares that they know the child to be comfortable in the venue environment for the type and length of performance presented and that they are responsible for the experience and behaviour of the child.


In the case of a material change to Performance Conditions, we will make reasonable attempts to contact existing purchasers for the affected performance(s) by email at the address provided during the purchase.  However, under the General Terms & Conditions of Sale, purchasers assume the responsibility for keeping themselves and Attenders aware of the Performance Conditions which apply to them at any point in time.

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